US army developing tools to counter Cyber attacks on city infrastructures

US army’s cyber dept. working on the development of gadgets to imitate and conduct self-generated Cyberattacks to prevent damage to the infrastructures.

Plot: US Military cyber department working on a system that is portable and modifiable (according to need) for cities to train against cyber-attacks and prevent damage to the infrastructure caused from it eg. Power plants failure, Subways malfunctions and education systems crashes, etc. Aiding the above description Lt.Col.EricaMitchell(research lead for the crucial infrastructure/key resource team leader at army cyber institute) said “For a long time we assumed uncontested homeland, and certainly now that’s not should be a good assumption as it used to be”. The root for this type of activity is the think tank of the Army’s cyber dept. The main goal of this project is to study the devastations that can occur to infrastructure by a cyber attack. Few of the previous practices involved cyber attack’s anticipation and its impact on the Forces deployed overseas.

Challenges: On 31st March Mitchell told this C4ISRNET before a virtual demonstration that “One of the challenges that the US cyber institute is facing is that the municipality’s goal needs to stay with the goals of DoD’s and Army’s goals.” adding to it she further said, “Basically we are trying to make these tools interactive enough so that anyone can use it.” She also stated, “The army is in the mood to make its installations work with the civilian counterparts in their region.”

Another major challenge involved in these exercises is that it takes 18-24months to plan and leaders want cities/municipalities to run homogeneous events more often.

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Constraints: This system is currently in the Beta phase and is not currently available for public usage, this system is an open-source platform and is incorporated of 2 components 1-writer’s application for creating scenarios 2-planning application for the creation of a playbook for drills.

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