GPT-3: The most powerful AI tool in the world

Power of AI

In June last year, OpenAI announced the GPT-2 upgrade to GPT-3, a language model based on AI and deep learning. 

The technology of AI continues to advance and provide solutions to the challenges of the 21st century by achieving a General Artificial Intelligence (AGI), a system capable of learning intellectual tasks as humans do. 

What’s happening 

In June 2020, OpenAI, a Californian company, announced the upgrade of GPT-2 to GPT-3. GPT-3 is a language model based on deep learning having intellectual capabilities. This technology is becoming one of the most important and valuable in the AI world because it draws a considerable expectation to solve complex and humanly problems. 

OpenAI is founded by Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX. The company was born for researching and democratizing access to General Artificial Intelligence. OpenAI was a non-profit entity. However, last year it partnered with Microsoft with to achieve a new advance in GPT-3 models and robotics and visions. 

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Training Transformer 3) is an autoregressive language model that outputs texts that simulate human writing using deep learning models. 

Nerea Luis, an expert in artificial intelligence and engineer at Sngular, says, “GPT-3 is living confirmation that the Natural Language Processing area is advancing more than ever by leaps and bounds.” 

How it works

According to Nerea Luis, that’s how GPT-3 works:

The user only has to start writing something having a length of a paragraph, and the system will take care of completing the rest of the text in the most reasonable way possible. With GPT-3, one can also generate conversations and provide answers to questions in the context of the previously given data.  

Image of Brain

But keep in mind that this tool generates text using the given data and previously trained algorithms. GPT-3 has induced a lot of interest because it has given the possibility of general artificial intelligence. It is providing surprisingly good results which until now needed specifically built system. Furthermore, it starts performing well with just a few examples.

These are some other possible applications that this tool may have: 

  • Writing emails 
  • Creation of landing pages 
  • Chatbots 

Bottom Line 

Currently, the GPT-3 model is only available for the research community. However, this system will create many great things in a short period, such as: answering questions, writing essays, translating and even creating code and programs for computers. GPT-3 has great potential as an AI tool in the future. Indeed, when it is open to the public, its reach will be more surprising.

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