Pentagon looks for commercial solutions to get its data ready for AI

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center asks industry to provide data readiness services to Pentagon

Washington – The Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center is hiring industries and businesses to help develop AI data for military use. 

Details: The solicitation is a sign that AI offices are shifting from developing data to providing data for the AI readiness services to the National Defense components. The basic agreement will allow the Defense Departments and Federal Partners to issue task orders for the work to get the desired data for the use of artificial intelligence – that includes capturing data, sorting it for storage, and its modeling with AI to get better insights. 

The agreement will help Department of Defense and Government users prepare data for the AI applications for military purposes, and it will help provide easy access to the state-of-the-art commercial services needed to provide solutions to the complex technical challenges while preparing data for AI. 

Task orders under the basic ordering agreement will cover these areas: 

  • Program management
  • Project management 
  • Data architecture 
  • Data engineering 
  • Data acquisition and curation 
  • Data quality and analysis 
  • Synthetic data generation and data anonymization 
  • Enterprise information management and governance
  • Software development, modification and configuration
  • Cloud integration and alignment 

Bottom line: The JAIC says that all the AI data must be created within the boundaries of the agreement and adhere to follow government standards so the data can be exchanged with other cloud and Artificial Intelligence development platforms.

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