Nvidia Q1 sales expected to reach up to $5.3 billion

Nvidia expects to earn more than its earlier forecast, which was $5.3billion. The 1st quarter revenue is expected to rise due to the hype in demand of chipsets to power data centers and Crypto mining.


On Monday, the chipmaker said that the spike in demand for the chips that powers the crypto mining and data centers will affect the profit rates of Nvidia in its first quarter.

The company claims that its shares rose by 6% cause of the slew of products announcement during the session.

Nvidia gaming graphics’ demand has skyrocketed during the lockdown of the covid-19 pandemic. Still, the significant boost to its sales occurred from a push into artificial intelligence chips, which can handle tasks like image and speech recognition in data centers.

NVIDIA towards digital asset & data centers

What’s Exciting:

 Chief financial officer Colette Kress said: “Our fiscal 2022 1st quarter is incomplete yet but, its total revenue has crossed $5.30 billion outlook”.

On the other hand, Nvidia’s cryptocurrency mining unit expects to report sales of $150 million in the quarter, far ahead of the forecast of $50 million.

The intrigue:

Nvidia’s forecasted upbeat when the global shortage of components caused an interruption in manufacturing products such as vehicles and smartphones.

Kress said: “We are expecting to increase the supply if demands of our product continue.” Furthermore, Nvidia plans to develop a Server processor chip based on Technology from ARM to become a significant competitor for its rival Intel.

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