Massive deployment of Russian armored vehicles at Ukrainian border

Southwestern Russian border flooded with newly deployed Russian armored hardware, reports claim.

What’s happening:

Local farmers and citizens of Russia have witnessed trains carrying Russian armored and military hardware towards the southwestern border as the cease-fire between the two nations is. USA officials are worried regarding the current development in this region.  

Armored Vehicles loaded over train

What’s the news source:

The majority of Twitter accounts from Russia are posting short clips and images related to events that display Russian armored military hardware mobility. The railway is being used for transportation towards the Ukrainian border .It is still unclear that, when this situation started to build up, resources are trying their best to gather more information about it. However, wars between Russia and Ukraine in the past sketch a picture of what can go wrong if such deployment and mobilizations are continued.

What is being deployed:

In the video below, we can see many tanks and artillery-type hardware.

There are many shreds of evidence that show that Howitzers, light infantry weaponry, etc. have been captured in snaps and videos by natives.

Infantry and light armor


Before this month, some military movements were in the exact region cause of drills/exercises. Later, Russia kept these troops in the same region till this date. However, the ending date for the military training was 23rd march 2021.

The amount of new deployment is increasing the number of troops already present in this region.

Political build-up:

Pentagon’s top spokesperson, John Kirby stated, “We have reached out Russia to try to gain some more clarity on what’s going on”. In the same way, Gen. Mark Milley of the U.S army (chairman joint chief of staff), met his counterpart, Gen Valery Gerasimov. Despite these efforts, Russian moves are still unclear.

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