Marines Learning to Adopt Robots as Their Teammates

Robotic Soldiers

The US army plans to commission robots in Marines team for making it a lethal combat force.


The Marine corps. Commandant Gen David Berger foresees a bond of trust between marines and robots to accompany each other in future warfare. He says:” I believe in Man-Unmanned teaming, it will allow the marines to become more lethal.”

David said that few unmanned robots are available, but the issue is that the marines are unable to trust the machines. He wants the marine team to trust the machine to trust their teammates.

What’s happening:

Marine Corps Times reported about the research test by a marines major. The test was performed on two different groups of marines who were deployed with robot partners. This test depicted that the marine who trained the machines themselves trusted it more than those who were provided with a pre-med programmed robot.

Marines & Robots

This initiative and experimentation aim to look at numbers of cheaper, expendable platforms such as air, ground, surface, and subsurface drones to dominate enemy defense and military power.

The commandant prepared the list of such platforms and weaponry and included many long-range ground-based anti-ship missile systems and military corps movement vehicles to counter China and other rivals. The program faces massive slowdowns because of the cutting in fundings in the most recent defense spending bills.


The corps needed $64 million for ground-based anti-ship missiles and $75 million for long-range fires. Congress cut down the budget to half for the ground-based anti-ship missiles, and for long-range fires, it reduces the budget by a quarter.

Bottom line:

Berger admitted the corps had lost time on long-range weapons due to these significant budget cuts. 

An lt.Gen.Eric pointed on the importance of communication more than acquiring or spending time on long-range fires. Smith says that the Marines corps has to have the ability to put an alternative position, navigation, and timing while forces get cut off from a larger part.

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