John Deere eyes 5G for its factories

5G Technology in Industry

John Deere is bringing 5G technology into its factories, including in Iowa

Why it matters

5G will be a massive shift for every industry globally; it will streamline complex operations. 

John Deere obtained private 5G licenses for five counties in November which include Polk, Black Hawk, and Scott counties. 

What is 5G: 

5G is a super-fast cellular service, designed to empower the ever-expanding Internet of Things for example self-driving cars and virtual reality. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, a cellphone with a 5G network can download a movie in 15 seconds however, a cellphone with a 4G connection takes up to 6 to 8 minutes. 

John Deere – Devices using 5G can process data very fast, making things work more effectively and smoothly. 

The big picture: 

At the industrial level, this speed can provide and transmit real-time feedback. Having the speed that 5G provides, companies can eliminate the wires and ethernet cables – allowing more flexibility with the machines’ connections.  

The company is planning to utilize 5G in several areas:

  • Using a factory’s surveillance system paralleled with 5G can provide real-time suggestions for better workplace efficiency. 
  • VR technology helped with 5G can streamline employee training.
  • Real-time electronically composed sensors can detect the malfunctioning of a machine.

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