Israel’s Cyberattack on Natanz Nuclear Site, Caught Iran by Surprise

Iran Vs Israel Cyber

Natanz reactor shut down after a cyber attack launched by Mossad this Sunday.


Israel confirmed the claims that it was the planner and implementer behind the cyber attack on Iran’s most major nuclear site this Sunday. Iran’s atomic energy chief described this attack as an act of terrorism and an invasion against its sovereignty.

This blatant attack took place after the Natanz reactor’s centrifuges restarted. These centrifuges could have affected the production of uranium to speed up. 

The Israeli defense chief made a statement during this scenario. Aviv Kochavi said: “Operations in the middle east aren’t hidden from enemy eyes .”

A miniature depicting middle eastern warfare

What’s happening:

As compared to the previous attempts, Israel hasn’t imposed any censorship restriction on the media for coverage of this attack. Local radio channels claimed this attack as a big achievement for Mossad. 

However, on Sunday, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu(Prime minister of Israel) said: “The struggle against Iran and its proxies is a huge effort.”

He further said “The struggling we are facing today will not likely exist tomorrow. ”

The total blackout is thought to result from the latest exchanges between the two adversaries who are face to face for a decade. These enemies have fought an extensive and unstoppable series of shadow wars across the Middle East


The series of event that took place recently involves, Strikes against trading/cargo ships in the Persian gulf, 

Drone attacks by Iran Natanz in the middle east, It killed Iran’s military chief of staff in Iraq by a US drone. 

Mysterious oil spills washed up on the Israeli coastal lines in thick black tar form—hundreds of daily-based air raids against Irani Natanz proxy militia and their weapon stockpiles in Iraq and Syria.

Natanz has remained in focus for Israel for so long which has caused a series of continuous explosions at the Natanz nuclear plant last July. Before this, a joint CIA and Mossad Cyberattack in 2010 caused disruption and delayed Iran’s dream of becoming a nuclear power for several years.

Bottom Line:

Ali Akber Salih (Iran’s nuclear chief) urged IAEA(International Atomic Energy Agency) to take strict action against the Cyberattack culprits. Salih said: “The attack is a plan to pause or stop the industrial and political progress of the country” 

According to Malek Chariati( spokesman for the Iranian parliament’s energy) said: “This incident, coming right after National Nuclear Technology Day, as Iran endeavors to press the West into lifting sanctions, is strongly suspected to be sabotage.”

The IAEA said that it was aware of the reports but declined to comment further.

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