Intel provides scaling services of 5G networks through its Latest Xeon processors

The 3rd Gen Intel Xeon processors are the latest data center platforms launched by Intel.

Update: Chipmakers from Santa Clara(California) told in an interview about the increase of 46%in performance on datacenter workloads. These chips have integrated AI that will aid applications and cloud-native. Applications such as 5G networks, cryptography, and confidential computing will surely benefit from this change.

The latest advancement will cause a visible change to the performance of 5G by increasing it up to 62% on network and workloads.

During a briefing session held online, Navin Shenoy(Intel executive Vice president) said that Intel added Advanced security accompanying Intel crypto acceleration and  Intel Guard extensions. According to Navin Shenoy, 200,000 chips have been shipped by Intel for revenue in the 1st quarter. He also boasted about the 250 design wins; furthermore, he also talked about the numbers of involved partners, which included 50 different telecom and communication firms.

How it works: According to AT&T to serve with the high display resolution to subscribers or for the same resolution with a humongous amount of subscribers, a combination of Intel Xeon scalable processors and Intel optane Persistent memory is 1.9 times higher in throughput and 33% more in memory capacity. However, Vodafone and Verizon claimed that they have already started using the new Xeons. Intel has proclaimed that with its latest chips, the service providers can boost the 5G user plane function performance by 42%.

Intel Xeon 3rd Generation Processor

Details: Intel’s chip uses a 10-nanometer manufacturing process which is equivalent to its rival’s 7-nanometer chipset. This change has helped deliver at least 40 cores per processor and up to 2.65 times higher average performance gain than the five years old systems.

Pat Gelsinger (CEO of Intel said) in an online briefing that in the previous years, was forced to undertake a frenetic cloudification speed to serve a remote workforce. Furthermore, he said that the new processors are capable of advanced security and built-in AI to handle processing from the edge to the cloud because of its flexible architecture.

According to him, Technology is no less than magic as it can improve the lives of people on the planet. Xeon 3rd Gen processors development is like a new day at the company. And we are no longer just a CPU company.

Pat Gelsinger said that Intel merges silicon, software, and manufacturing to compete and stand more prominently than its rivals. The company is all set to operate internal factories. In the same way, Company will use foundry services with outside manufacturer’s aid by making different contracts or wither offering its foundry services to others.

Pat Gelsinger Intel CEO
Pat Gelsinger Intel CEO

Gains: Shenoy says that Crypto acceleration provides performance up to a variety of major cryptographic algorithms. Businesses such as Online retailers can leverage the protection offered by Xeon scalable processors without facing any impact on user response time or overall system performance.

Company claims that more than 800 of the world’s cloud service providers run on Xeon Scalable processors; the remaining large cloud provider services have planned to offer cloud services powered by the newest Xeon chip by 2021. HP has launched 8 different models with the new Xeon and AMD’s latest Epyc processors chipsets.

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