launches platform to train AI models in the cloud

AI researchers, ML engineers, and data scientists can now train their models in the cloud using just one line code using the platform. 

The New AI Platform 

New York –, creators of the Pytorch Lightening, announced the general availability of the Grid. Grid is a new platform that empowers data scientists and researchers to train their ML model on the cloud at scale from their PC without changing the code. 

The Grid availability is helpful for AI researchers, ML engineers, and data scientists. It helps develop and train at scale without requiring advanced skills in ML or MLOps engineering. 

These practitioners usually face challenges when scaling their AI models because training and deploying require complex infrastructure. But now, practitioners can focus on delivering value with AI rather than struggling with the infrastructure challenges needed to do deep learning tasks at scale. provides the solution to this problem by creating a simple interface to train models on the cloud. 

“We’re excited to lead this modern era of technologies and get rid of complex infrastructure from AI workflows so the researchers can focus on what they do best, for example, iterating through their ideas fast so they can bring value to their companies even faster,” said William Falcon, CEO, and Founder of “With Grid, practitioners no longer need to be experts for building AI systems at scale.” 

Benefits of Grid 

  • More production in less time. Now engineers can practice hundreds of ideas in days instead of months. 
  • The Grid provides flexibility through a command-line interface for the data scientists. 
  • It saves money by avoiding expensive infrastructure setup. Using Grid, every dollar goes towards computing – not the hardware. 
  • Enhance and optimize huge datasets to work on a large scale for highly advanced research work. 
  • Real-time computation makes it easy and simple for the research and development efforts of AI projects. 
  • Provide access to Jupyter notebooks at scale. 

Jesse Perla, Assistant Professor of Economics, acknowledges the benefits of using Grid, “I really like the fact that it is so easy for me to train my AI models from my PC to Grid and I don’t have to worry how it is done, it just works”. 

About provides cloud services to companies of all sizes that want to train highly advanced AI models on hundreds of cloud GPUs and CPUs. Grid is a platform for training models with massive research iteration. The company focuses on simplifying large-scale AI research so that when the network becomes complex, code doesn’t.

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