Electric trucks are paving the road to the clean era of vehicles

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The electric vehicles era is underway, paving the road to a cleaner environment 

Why it matters:

The demand for electric vehicles and cleaner trucks is growing, which means each coming year will be a pivotal year for electric vehicles. 

Driving the news:

Transportation has become the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions, leaving the world governments and corporations no other choice but to embrace new pollution-free and sustainable goals.

  • In the United States, 16 states including Washington D.C. this summer have announced a plan that says every truck, van, and bus in their state must be electric by 2050.

The impacts of the pandemic are adding to the urgency:

During the pandemic, the E-commerce market has exploded as people have been staying home resulting in more load on the trading trucks running across the countries.

  • Amazon alone could be the world’s single biggest entity producing greenhouse emissions said the automotive analyst Adam Jonas. 
  • This is the reason why the giant sweeping climate change strategy includes an aggressive plan to put 100,000 electric delivery trucks in use by 2030, he added.

What’s happening:

Leading truck manufacturers are rolling out a large group of electric vehicles models of every type.

  • Volvo’s latest VNR electric model, a regional hauler with travel covering capacity of 150 miles and can be recharged within an hour, has gone through two years of pilot testing and will hit production early next year in Virginia, USA. 
  • Tesla, Freightliner, and China’s BYD are among other companies bringing electric trucks into service in the years ahead. 
  • On the contrary, Ford just launched its E-Transit cargo van, which will be available in the market late next year.
  • Countless other startups are also rushing into the electric trucks’ race, some of them are Rivian, Arrival, and Nikola. 

The bottom line:

Consumers might still not acknowledge the fact that electric vehicles are the future, but they cannot deny the momentum for clean trucks is growing.

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